Are You Selling or Searching?

By Colleen Honan images

A typical day in the life of a sales person… Come in to the office. Check voice-mail  Go through prospect list and find customers marked for follow up. Call the list only to find out some of the prospects no longer work for the company, other companies have gone out of business, and others just simply aren’t ready to buy. That was a good 2 hours wasted.

Moving on to cold calling. Starting with a search engine, the sales person searches for all companies in his/her territory. Once they find the company, the search begins for the right person with whom to talk. After several phone calls, they are finally given an email address for someone who might be the right person to make a decision. The email bounces. And that’s another hour or two down the drain.

If this sounds painful and time consuming, it is. […Continue Reading…]