How to Share Stories that Build Business Relationships – It’s all in the Frame

be The Red Jacket in a sea of gray suits

By Leanne Hoagland Smith

Do you know how to share your message? Building relationships requires connecting on a deeper level and how you frame who you are can make a difference. Here’s How to Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits!

When you are out busy at those business networking events meeting new prospects, what story do you tell them? No, I am not referring to a fairy tale, but rather your own personal story that shares what you do instead of tells what you do.

Stories are a powerful way to share you message while simultaneously building the critical relationships needed in today’s business world. One of the best story tellers was Leo Burnett, founder of Burnett Advertising. He created The Jolly Green Giant, The Pillsbury Doughboy, Tony the Tiger, the Marlboro Man, Charlie the Tuna and many more.

Stories allow the inherent drama (what Burnett invented) to shine. And the more often that you can connect the prospect’s belief system (foundation for all experiences), the more success you will have with your story.[…Continue Reading…]