Are You Selling or Searching?

By Colleen Honan images

A typical day in the life of a sales person… Come in to the office. Check voice-mail  Go through prospect list and find customers marked for follow up. Call the list only to find out some of the prospects no longer work for the company, other companies have gone out of business, and others just simply aren’t ready to buy. That was a good 2 hours wasted.

Moving on to cold calling. Starting with a search engine, the sales person searches for all companies in his/her territory. Once they find the company, the search begins for the right person with whom to talk. After several phone calls, they are finally given an email address for someone who might be the right person to make a decision. The email bounces. And that’s another hour or two down the drain.

If this sounds painful and time consuming, it is. […Continue Reading…]

5 Ways to Train Yourself to Be a Great Leader

There aren’t many natural born leaders. Most leaders take responsibility for training imagesthemselves to be effective. Whether you learn from the wisdom of others or get insights from personal experience, becoming a more effective leader is about what you do, not what you know.

Here, Mark Sanborn,of Sanborn & Associates, shares five things with you can do to train yourself to be a great leader.

The Impact and Importance of Brand Adoption by Sales Reps and Managers

Dario Priolo of Richardson Sales Training & Strategy Execution has research suggesting that executive level buyers are turning toward brand influenced engines for the informationimages they desire.

Richardson has conducted a survey and it has been found that B2B buyers frequently search by brand name. This influences the ability of your brand to be found and influences your ability to differentiate, showing the impact and importance of brand adoption by sales reps and managers. Take a look at the following trends they have identified...[…Continue Reading…]


SOAR Selling: How To Get Through to Almost Anyone—the Proven Method for Reaching Decision Makers


By David Hibbard, Marhnelle Hibbard


SOAR Selling is the best practice for reaching decision makers. Its secret is simple; its approach is based in the mechanics and psychology of call execution with a foundation of a powerful mindset shift. The authors’ research reveals that with SOAR, a salesperson can make 12 net dials and reach a combination of 10 top-level decision makers and influencers!  [Details/Purchase]

Ten Things I Wish I’d Have Known Before I Managed Salespeople

By S. Anthony Iannarino 

Here are ten things that I wish I’d have known before I started managing a sales force.

  1. Balance activity and effectiveness. 
  2. Hire for attributes.
  3. You live and die by your pipeline.
  4. Serve salespeople before the organization.
  5. You sell to your organization.
  6. You build and manage the process.
  7. You have to see for yourself.
  8. There is only one forecast date that matters.
  9. Show no mercy when cleaning the pipeline.
  10. The big lever is caring enough to personally coach.

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How to Make an Accountant Your Top Sales Producer

To Sell is Human

I am in the middle of reading “To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others” where Daniel Pink explains that although only 1 in 9 Americans are in sales jobs, that actually everyone should think of themselves in sales.  Every day, we make recommendations to friends and co-workers with the intent to persuade – selling is a natural human trait.
Businesses should take Pink’s position one step further and create a sales culture where every team member uses those human traits in support the sales process.

5 Ways To Keep Your Prospect Talking

By Mike Brooks images

I’ve always said that the number one skill of a Top 20% producer is his or her ability to listen. Your prospect or client has their own reasons for needing or buying your product or service, but unless you ask questions and shut up and listen, you’ll never know what they are. And in today’s economy, knowing how to keep your prospect talking is more important than ever.

A Top 20% closer is an expert at asking questions, layering those questions, questioning the red flags, etc., and at the end of a prospecting call or presentation, they call can tell you exactly where the prospect stands.

The key here is to listen by keeping your prospect talking. Here are five statements you should begin using today to help keep your prospect talking: […Continue Reading…]