What keeps sales managers awake at night?

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According to F&S “Sales leaders must improve their ability to align the sales process with customer behavior, identify the highest-value activities and invest in incentive and training programs to maximize reps’ performance.”

The findings come from its 2013 Global Sales Leadership study for which it canvassed the views of over 300 sales executives at manager level and above in a bid to “understand the most pressing challenges shaping sales executives’ 2013 planning.” The 305 respondents were spread fairly evenly across the globe, across industry verticals and across company size. Most (65 percent) came from B to B companies and the majority (54 percent) from private companies.

F&S identified the top five sales leadership challenges as being:

  • aligning the sales process with customers’ decision-making behavior;
  • recruiting and training high-quality sales reps;
  • enhancing sales reps’ productivity by focusing on the highest value activities;
  • identifying and responding to customers’ changing needs and providing effective training or coaching programs.

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