Building Your Sales Pipeline Is Not a One Step Process

By Lori Richardson images

For many years, the “sales explanation industry” has worked with and discussed a Funnel or a Pipeline model to explain how you need many more leads to eventually turn into prospects, and then ultimately a smaller subset who become actual customers. Hence using a picture of a funnel gives a visual on how you need more at the top to end up with some at the bottom. I’ve used a pipeline for years rather than a funnel, so am used to talking about the front, middle, and end of a pipeline. Whichever works for your visual, use that.

To use a CRM, or Contact Relationship Management system well – you need more than tools – you must have a way – a process and a methodology – to do the following things we will be talking about to grow revenues.

Can you find prospective customers – ideally who are “more likely” to do business with you than “less likely”. There is little point to attracting thousands of people your way who are not likely to do business with you. There is a whole lot of sense in drawing thousands of people your way who are more probable to do business with you someday. These are company and individual relationships that you want to nurture. The phrase “nurture marketing” came from this idea.

People go wrong because they just buy tools– they import their mish-mash of “contacts” – names in whatever system they were using, such as their e-mail application. Contacts get imported in, and then sometimes people just wait for the magic to happen.


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