A Formula For Sales Leadership

By John Boe (Salesgravy.comimages

Progressive leaders choose to inspire and empower rather than direct and control their sales force. Recognizing that a strong relationship is indeed the key to their success, they lead by example, praise achievement, and strive to maintain open communications. Those managers who adopt and practice the principals of enlightened leadership find that their people understand what is expected of them and deliver.

What are the critical factors that contribute to the retention of top producing salespeople? Why are some sales managers able to consistently recruit and retain quality salespeople, while other managers have a revolving door? Excessive personnel turnover is not only unhealthy for the morale of a sales force, but it is also costly in terms of time and money. Perhaps less obvious, but just as detrimental, is the negative impact excessive turnover has on eroding customer confidence and loyalty.

A career in sales can be extremely lucrative for the person who is able to prospect effectively and willing to work hard. However, surveys indicate that compensation is just one piece in the career satisfaction puzzle. Salespeople make their decision to leave or stay with a company for a variety of personal and professional reasons. Retaining successful salespeople is not a secret recipe, but a formula that includes factors such as leadership, recruitment, training, and professional growth opportunities.

Salespeople Don’t Quit Companies, They Leave Managers…

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