The Advantage of Being Quiet

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I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t stop talking. I had been in his office for a full 45 minutes, and he had not stopped once to ask anyone else’s thoughts or to even get a response. Finally, the meeting came to a close and I had the fortunate or unfortunate opportunity to meet with him one on one.

My first question (as his friend and “outside guy”) was, “What did you learn in the meeting today?” He stumbled over his words, looking for something to say. The answer was obvious: he didn’t learn anything. The meeting had ended up being about his audience and his thoughts. This was a lost opportunity for sure.

Then, I thought back on my own career development and how many times I had done the same thing—sad, but true. All of this raises the great question, “How much should we talk and when should we simply be quiet?” […Continue Reading…]