How to Measure Sales Skills

By  (Pipedrive Blog) 

As a sales manager and trainer in my previous career I spent a lot of time trying to measure and quantify sales skills. The word trying is telling here, because although we managed to come up with useful tests and training methodologies, there were a significant number of those that failed the tests and did poor in training programs, but closed sales like there was no tomorrow.


I kept looking and the best proxy I have found is sales pipeline metrics. In my experience, which is extensive by some standards, there is no better indication of a sales person’s skills. More specifically I would highlight 4 indicators: pipeline velocity, size of deals, number of deals and conversion.

If you’re just getting started in sales pipeline management, you may want to check out this post about defining the sales cycle for your business before reading on. If you know the basics, here’s how these four metrics help to measure sales skills…

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