Is Your Need for Approval Holding You Back from Sales Success?

imagesBy John Doerr

How many times have you left a sales meeting and thought, “I should have said that…”?

Or, during a meeting, as you listened to what a prospect was saying, you thought, “That’s not right; he will be making a big mistake if he goes down that path,” but you never voiced your opinion?

Or, perhaps even more dramatic, you got the sense, “This guy is holding something back. I need to get to the bottom of this,” but, again, you said nothing?

In all of these examples, what usually keeps you from saying the things you want to (and should) say is a strong need for approval from your prospects. You want to be liked, and in some cases loved, more than you want to close the deal. While likeability is certainly important in building relationships and winning business, it can hurt your sales success if taken to the extreme. You miss opportunities, chase non-qualified leads, and limit the insight you know you can provide.

Why does this happen?