Negotiation Skills Savvy – A Top Priority

By Sales Training And Results, Inc

Negotiation skills have always been crucial for sales professionals, but have become increasingly more essential in today’s economy and turbulent business environment. The prevailing bottom-line climate forces a constant pressure to reduce costs. Salespeople are pushed more and more by customers who squeeze suppliers for deeper concessions. Sales professionals and sales managers claim, now more than ever, that this prevailing competitive culture makes negotiation skills savvy a top priority.

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Seven Keys To Sales Leadership

By Scott Edinger, Contributor

The sales leadership job is one of the toughest in business today. I have previously written about why this is so, but suffice it to say it is a few critical jobs rolled into one: super seller, coach, strategist and business leader. I have had the chance to work with thousands of sales leaders over the course of my career and have observed that the most successful among them possess key characteristics: the seven keys to being a great sales leader.[…Continue Reading…]

Aberdeen Group: Optimize the Last Mile of the Sales Cycle

imagesFree Sales Resource Offered by: DocuSign 


Learn about how to better leverage people, process and technology to optimize your sales cycles.

Read research by Aberdeen Group on how top-performing sales teams are using contemporary technology tools to reduce their sales cycles and increase their win / loss “batting average”.

Zen and the Art of Prospecting: Working with the Obstacles in Your Path

By Dario Priolo, Richardson:Sales Training & Strategy Execution


This article was adapted from a post by Leo Babauta on his website

Selling and prospecting in this day and age is a tough job and it is easy for people who sell to get anxious, discouraged and give up. Let’s say you are prospecting and sitting at your desk with a new prospect identified to call, and you notice some anxiety, and an urge to go instead to one of your favorite distractions.

And let’s also say you decided to adopt my approach, the Obstacle is the Path.

So the anxiety, and the distraction are your obstacle … but how do you “work with them” as I advised? […Continue Reading…]

15 Ways to Hold Sales Meetings That People Will Want to Attend

By The Brooks Group

If you’re like a lot of sales managers, there’s a chance that — at some point in your sales management career — you have stared at a room full of reps who stared back at you with boredom, disinterest, or resistance.

That might be happening because . . .images

  • They have too much energy to stay in one place.
  • If they’re in a meeting, they realize they’re not making money.
  • They’re thinking about some last-minute customer demands.

Let’s face it: Most sales meetings are boring. Often, they’re simply a manager and a team of reps going over a list of prospects and how many deals they think they’ll win by the end of the month.

The best sales meetings — ones salespeople want to attend — do more than that.

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Do You Struggle to Tell Your Story? Here’s How to Rehearse Before the Interview

By Donna Fuscaldoimages

Practice makes perfect, particularly when it comes to the job interview. Nobody wants their responses to sound canned during an interview, but they also don’t want to fumble over questions, which is why career experts say it’s important to rehearse ahead of time. That doesn’t mean you have to memorize your answers to every imaginable interview question, but you do want to be able to talk about your skills and work experience without tripping up.[…Continue Reading…]