Sales Prepping Through Content

By InsideView Blogimages

New realities for today’s sales professionals are raising some big questions. Sales teams often consider how to win over new potential clients with an appeal to value in an age where many industries have become more competitive and reliant on “quick facts.” New media like the Internet also makes a difference. As the business world moves toward an always-connected, data-centric, and digital model, sales teams also need to evolve and change with the times.

One of the ways that sales professionals are adapting and getting a competitive edge is by taking advantage of existing marketing content generated in-house and maintained online or in print materials. In sophisticated marketing campaigns, marketing content sometimes takes a variety of forms: some will be explicitly sales-oriented, while other items, like white papers and other technical writing, may be more informative. Some of these materials won’t address customers directly, but they can still be useful in a sales context.

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