Want to have a great reputation? Earn it!

By Jeffrey Gitomer

Your reputation precedes you.
Your reputation creates or destroys sales.
What’s yours?


1. Become known for doing everything you said you would do – on time or sooner. To have any prayer for a reputation you must be known as a person who does, and delivers, what you promise. Without this fundamental element, don’t bother to read the rest.

2. Become known for being easy to do business with, and be friendly while you are doing it.
 Customers expect everything and they expect it when they need it – not just when you can offer it. You have to be friendly when you are there and friendly when you are not there. This means easily accessible by telephone and easy accessible by Internet.

3. Become known for being proactively remarkable.
 When you stand out from other vendors, you will be talked about, and earning a reputation (and a testimonial) will be simple. Being remarkable means going the extra mile and making service the forefront of your business, not an add on.

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