Texting, Transactional Analysis and Emotional Intelligence, Anyone?

By Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Possibly you may be wondering what is the shared commonality between texting, transactional analysis and emotional intelligence? The answer is the strong ego state thatimages leads to poor communication not too mention unacceptable workforce behaviors.

During a presentation by Kristin Deckhard from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, she shared the frustration of small business owners when hiring new employees. These job applicants use texting to communicate such as why they did not make it to a job interview and expect a text message to take the place of a phone call. She also shared that employees believe texting off work is quite acceptable as well as the face to face communications suffer.

As I listened to her presentation, I realized that texting and probably technology in general have only reinforced the natural high ego state of human beings especially the children and parents states. This reinforcement has also potentially diminished the capacity for emotional intelligence. […Continue Reading…]