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Should Your Sales Reps Have a Bit of Actor In Them?

By Jessica Stillman (Yesware Blogimages

Stupid question: what do your salespeople do? Most likely you’d answer this question with an eye roll, a groan, and something to the effect of “salespeople build relationships with customers/close deals/generate revenue.”

You’d be right; salespeople obviously need to sell. But Minter Dial, a former L’Oreal executive who now runs branding consultancy The Myndset Company, says the salespeople of the future need to do something else – they need to enact the brand.

Does that mean you need to send your reps off to acting school? Dial explained to Yesware. “The salesperson is a primary representative of the brand he or she is selling. They need to represent the human qualities not just the technical aspects of a product. You can find ways that the brand become recognizable in the behavior of the salespeople.”

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