4 Keys to Sales Management Motivation

By Dan Perry – Sales Benchmark Index: Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Blog

imagesWhat’s your favorite motivational movie speech?  Is it to “Win one for the Gipper” starring the legendary Ronald Reagan? Is it Al Pacino talking about ‘inches’ in Any Given Sunday?  OR my personal favorite, Sylvester Stallone in Rocky V?

Providing an environment of motivation for your sales team is essential.  This environment is up to you.  Motivation is the one way to provide a winning environment. Yet you don’t have to be that motivation as a Sales Manager.  In fact, you can’t do that every week.  Heck, the Knute Rockne speech that was 3 minutes long lives almost 100 years later as the ultimate motivational talk. However, if you want to motivate your sales team there are certain non-negotiables you need to practice every week. […Continue Reading…]