How Does Image Affect Your Bottom Line?

By Ellen York (My Article Archive) images

You’re knowledgeable and understand your product or service backwards and forwards. You’ve practiced your pitch and closing statements, and have worked on developing key relationships. But at the end of the month, your sales fall short of your expectations. What is causing you to lose out on these sales? It could be your image.

Many companies put thousands of dollars into sales training to pump up their sales force. They wonder why their projections are falling short of the company’s goals but don’t realize how much of an impact image can have on sales.

Total image plays a huge part in how people are perceived. Unfortunately brains, skills and talent are not enough anymore. How does your first impression measure up when meeting with a new or potential client? Are there distractions about your appearance and mannerisms that cause people to re-evaluate whether they want to do business with you?

An honest self-examination is in order! Here are some tips that will help you make a lasting and professional impression.