How Do You Resolve the Strife Between Sales and Operations?

By Lee B. Salz (The Sales Management Challenge) 

The Situation…. images

As you return from lunch, there is an angry mob waiting for you in your office. It’s three of your top salespeople and the Vice President of Operations. None of them look happy. The salespeople have just been “dressed down” by the Vice President of Operations regarding how client expectations are set during the sales process. And, they’ve all come to you, the Vice President of Sales, for intervention.

The Operations team uses a tightly-defined process for implementing and supporting clients. They have structured the process such that they can consistently deliver a high service level for clients. Operations has documented work instructions and developed metrics for each step of the support process… and is proud of their well-oiled machine.

However, the sales team feels that the operations process, while it may work fine internally, is not what the majority of the clients’ desire. So, they’ve been setting different expectations with clients than what actually occurs to win the accounts.

When a new account is sold and passed along to Operations to implement, the Operations team regularly hears, “That’s not what my salesperson told me…” Thus, the client is immediately uncomfortable and the Operations team is stuck in the middle.

The Operations team feels their process is best for the clients.

The Sales team feels that the process is disconnected from the needs of the clients.

Both departments are frustrated.

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The Importance of Body Language

By Holly Ellyatt – FROM CNBC –
7 Things Your Body Language Is Telling Your Boss images

Thinking about wearing that red tie to a meeting with the managing director today? You might want to think again.

Body language and nonverbal communication can have a big impact on your professional life and can ultimately make or break a deal, business relationship or even your financial success, according to a legion of body language books.

“In business, one of the most important things is the impression you give people,” Eliot Hoppe, an author and expert on body language, told CNBC.

Body language encompasses body movements, facial expressions and gestures as well as the tone of your voice. Here are Hoppe’s top tips to optimize your chances of business success.

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The Power of Employee Appreciation

By Lucia Jenkins (

Showing employees the appropriate recognition and appreciation is essential for retaining the talent and intellectual capital that each person brings to the business.Leaders who fail to appreciate employees risk losing these individuals to other organizations who recognize the value that people bring.

Every employee appreciates a fair compensation, but what they also want is challenging and rewarding work. Employees want to know they are contributing to the success of an organization. When employees feel acknowledged and feel their work is recognized, an individual’s satisfaction with their work will increase. The happier employees are, the more productive they will be.

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