Bring Your A-Game: Build and Reward Your Sales Team

Bring Your A-Game: Build and Reward Your Sales Team

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Whether you are starting from scratch or a long time sales manager, building a successful sales team can be quite the task. You need to establish a team with the right people in place, handling the various functions of sales. By building carefully and rewarding your team appropriately you can guarantee an effective and productive team.In this report you will find:

  • The five crucial roles for a specialized team
  • How dividing sales labor can help you increase revenue
  • When splitting a sales team makes a growing business more efficient
  • How different sales jobs require different rewards to motivate prime behavior

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Sales Tips for Making Quota

By Michael Pedone (Inside Sales Buzz Blog)

images“Other than improving what I say, when I say it etc, what else can I do to improve my chances of hitting my sales quota?”  

Here are a few things that have helped Michael personally.

Do You Struggle with the Same Challenges? Great Advice for New Salespeople

By Bill McCormick, founder and president of Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR)


In our business we work with salespeople and sales managers of all levels. Recently, I’ve had an opportunity to work with a lot of new sales hires. What I like best about working with new sales hires is that it is inspirational to see their strong desire and enthusiasm to learn new skills that will make them succeed. They know that they have to learn as much as possible, through training and hands=on experience in order to become top performing salespeople.

It is also interesting to note that across the board, no matter what the industry, it seems that new salespeople struggle with some of the same challenges, as noted below in three questions we repeatedly hear from new salespeople:

• What is the most important piece of advice you have for a new salesperson?

• What is the most important skill I need to develop as a new salesperson?

• What is the most difficult challenge I will face as a new salesperson?

What is the most important piece of advice you have for a new salesperson?

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The 6 P’s of Selling/Planning

Charles Bolduc sg

Oh too often people get a sales job and think all they have to do is learn the product or services they are representing and then they can run out the door and sell it. Guess again. You must first know the 6 P’s of selling. They are: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. That alone says it all. To be a good sales person you must first know:

• What you are selling.

• Who you are selling it too (target customer).

• Why they would want to buy it.

• What the buzz words will be so that you can trigger a conversation which leads to the sale.

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Achieve Extraordinary Performance through Sales Team Building, Teamwork, and Motivation

By (SalesSense) images

Salespeople are often not natural team players yet today’s global economy and instant communications increasingly demand sales team behavior.

Sales teams that can come together and collaborate when needed can out sell the big hitters of larger organisations so team building remains a vital aspect of development.

Competing for high value business opportunities that have a significant overall impact on customer and supplier success are also high risk. From the customers point of view, recovery from the failure of a large acquisition or investment can take years. From a supplier’s point of view, the investment of resources in winning a sale cannot be recovered if the sale is lost. Success with such prominent opportunities usually depends on a high degree of collaboration amongst the sellers customer facing staff including board level executives, salespeople, managers, marketing staff, and technical people. Teamwork is essential.[…Continue Reading…]

7 Tips For Battling–And Even Embracing–Procrastination | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

As it becomes easier to access the internet and to own a smart phone, it becomes harder to focus on work and complete tasks without distractions. Read more to learn 7 ways to combat and even embrace procrastination.

What is your biggest time waster?

7 Tips For Battling–And Even Embracing–Procrastination | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.


LinkedIn App to Offer Details About Who’s Emailing You

Are you ever hesitant to open an email from a name you don’t recognize? Now what if that email included a bio of the email sender with a photo and his or her title, all in your inbox? That’s exactly what the new Linked In app, called LinkedIn Intro, will provide to users. Read more for details about everything the app will include and how to use it to your advantage.

Do you think there are any disadvantages of having this information available?

LinkedIn App to Offer Details About Who’s Emailing You.