Do You Possess the “it” Factor In Sales?

By Liz Wendling,  President of Insight Business Consultants (Sales Gravy) 

If you are in sales, charisma can have a major impact on the way your potential customers treat you and deal with you.

Five Secrets to Sales Charisma images

Charisma sells! Sales charisma is as seductive as it is elusive. Its powers are hard to resist and equally hard to pinpoint, but you know when a salesperson has it – that secret recipe that makes them sparkle with an irresistible presence, radiate an energy and passion that is entirely compelling to others. It is a powerful force, and salespeople who possess it are able to attract the right people, create the sales success they desire, get others to listen to them and influence others positively.

The “it” factor is a potent power that separates mediocre salespeople from top performers. Charismatic people are described as inspirational, passionate, self-confident, insightful, ambitious, visionary and dynamic. […Continue Reading…]