7 Tips for Making Powerful New Connections | Inc.com

When it comes to forming new connections, you’re going about it the wrong way. At least that’s what author and business consultant Alan Gregerman suggests. In his new book, he states that “Our real objective should be to connect with, learn from, and build real relationships with people who are very different than us and could challenge us to stretch our thinking.” Here are unique 7 suggestions from Gregerman on how to form connections that challenge the status quo.

Do you regularly try to form connections with people very different from you? Has it been an overall positive experience?

7 Tips for Making Powerful New Connections | Inc.com.


10 Nifty Mobile Apps for the Modern Traveling Salesman – Business 2 Community

Take advantage of new technology tools that help make traveling for salespeople a much more enjoyable experience. Whether you are traveling close to home or around the world, these 10 apps will help you get the job done with ease.

What apps would you recommend for traveling salespeople? 

10 Nifty Mobile Apps for the Modern Traveling Salesman – Business 2 Community.


Are You Handling Customers Or Managing Traumas?

By Richard F. Libin (Salesgravy.com)
Quarterly Customer Service Check-ups Ensure Customers Stay Number Oneimages
By proactively performing regular Customer Service Check-ups, businesses can ensure that their customer handling processes are being used consistently and properly, and that they are effective. In addition, these routine check-ups provide a unique opportunity to check-in with customers and get first-hand feedback on how the company is really performing.

Minimally, Customer Service Check-ups should take place quarterly and should cover every aspect of customer handling, from the moment a customer contacts or walks in to the business to post-sales support and communication. In essence, business owners and managers must ask, “Are we truly putting our customers, our greatest asset, first?”

These check-ups should be comprehensive, but not complex, and generally follow these six steps.