Give Customers What They Are Starving For And Stand Miles Ahead Of The Competition

By The Brooks Group   

Do you know what five steps you can take immediately to give your clients peace of mind?

Let’s discuss  how your clients perceive you in terms of predictability and consistency.

Here are five questions to consider:

  1. Are your clients or prospects absolutely certain that you’re going to deliver on every commitment, every time, on time without fail?
  2. Can they be sure you’ll deliver within budget?
  3. How predictable and accountable are you in meeting your promises?
  4. How well do you follow through on issues and fulfilling obligations to clients?
  5. How consistent are you in your prospecting, selling and servicing efforts?

Of course, you’d like to believe that your customers’ responses to these types of questions would be very positive. However, the reality is that there is often a gap between the salesperson who says, “My customers think the world of me,” and the customer whose experience tells a different story.

In today’s competitive marketplace, customers and clients are starving for a salesperson they can count on to deliver predictable results and fulfill every promise they make. If you do nothing else other than that, you’re going to exceed most people’s performances.

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