How Your Thinking Affects Productivity

By Mari Anne Vanella (

“Thoughts are Things” –  Napoleon Hill images
How you think of yourself as a sales rep will translate into how you communicate to your prospect. That is a universal truth for all things, if you believe something will happen it probably will, i.e., the self fulfilling prophecy.  If you see prospects being annoyed at your calls, they will be.  Example: if you believe your cold call is a nuisance, you will project that through your voice gestures, your choice of words, and your overall interaction with your prospect.  Reps that assume their call is unwanted, often open up with statements like “am I calling at a bad time?” or “is it okay to talk for a minute?”  Or end their introduction with a question inflection–like “Hi Barbara, this is Bill Smitherton over at Imagintech?” Sending that subconscious message of “do you know who we are? you don’t huh?” Those kinds of statements immediately create a class distinction of “you don’t know me, you are better than me, your time is worth more, will you please talk to me….”  They will also say to themselves “execs never call back, no reason to leave a voice-mail.” Or, “execs don’t take cold calls, I never call without a warm intro.”

I do a lot of troubleshooting for sales teams, and one thing I continually see is the biggest obstacle to success is the belief systems reps have about engaging with prospects.  How we think about things forms the way we DO them, so sometimes what is needed is not coaching but changing a mindset.

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