Cold Calling Makes You…

Last week I got an email from a sales manager.

Expecting the usual ranting and raving of a lunatic with an unhealthy emotional attachment to cold calling, I opened it, began reading, and… was pleasantly surprised!

His opinion was not only that cold calling doesn’t work, but that anyone who is still doing it has some very dangerous learned behaviors that must be un-learned before sales success can happen.

Never mind the studies showing that 80% of decision makers will never, ever buy from a cold call, or that it now takes an experienced salesperson 7.5 hours, on average, to get ONE qualified appointment.

What he explained is much worse than that. So let’s get to it:

The Insanity of Cold Calling images

The explanation behind this has to do with a principle of psychology defining the seven character defects that cause people to behave the way they do.

These character defects are called “Learned Behavior.” The good news is that, when addressed with Behavior Modification solutions (BMOD), they can become “Unlearned Behavior,” but it takes longer!

Now here’s where it gets interesting: Salespeople as a whole have some HORRIBLE “Learned Behavior”!!!!

I see it all the time as I’m out with reps who have years of experience, and over those years, have picked up terrible habits, saying things that are totally irrelevant and have nothing to do with the prospect’s needs – all the usual suspects such as, “We have the best service,” “We’re the marketing leader,” blah blah blah.

But the worst learned behavior of all is COLD CALLING. […Continue Reading…]