Why Advisory Boards Help the Sales Process

By Ken Thoreson (SalesGravy)

Help for the Blind Spots

At a recent client meeting we discussed the need to create a Board of Directors. It is a difficult task to find the right individuals and more difficult for an entrepreneur to accept what a good board can provide. Another spin is creating a “Client Advisory Board”. This is easier to develop and can actually provide real value to your business as well as your sales process. Both topics are covered below. What are your thoughts? Experiences with these kinds of boards?

Our research shows that accountability — or, more accurately, the lack of accountability — is among the top challenges that partner-company executive’s face. We’ve also found that many partners are too close to their own organizations to have genuine insight into their own businesses, their marketplaces or their industries. Client Advisory Boards and Business Advisory Boards can help provide better visibility for both those blind spots.


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