The “Thank You Effect”: 50 Small Ways to Improve Customer Service

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Today’s blog post and SlideShare was written by’s Manager of Customer WOW, Greg Meyer. Check him out on twitter at @grmeyer

What Can You Do Today to Make Customer Service Better?

“The Thank You Effect” is an example of a small action that prompts meaningful next steps to measurably improve service in any company. In my experience, there are a number of these small actions that when evangelized through a support team or through the larger company can really make a difference on the customer experience. So I made a list of 50 small things that you can do to improve customer service measurably in your company. I’m not a purist, so some of these things might be “bigger than a bread box” – or need to be broken down into component steps – and aren’t quite ready to be measured on their own. And I do believe that adding only some of these steps will really improve the service culture at your company.