Top 4 Sales Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss!

By A. Cambellini

  1. Dreamforce – San Francisco


Description:  Located in San Francisco, Salesforce has been hosting Dreamforce for over 10 years and has continued to grow in popularity. The spectacular keynote speakers, the interactive expos, the musical performances and gala, and the intense Hackathon competition create an informative and fun-filled week.

Benefits:  Hear from top CEO’s and Presidents from major companies such as Salesforce, Facebook, Yahoo!, and Dropbox. Participate in interactive Expos that include special presentations about Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud. Rock out to musical performances by Green Day and Blondie followed by an extravagant gala. Complete the exciting week by watching the $1 Million contest to create the best app at the Hackathon!

Registration info:  To register, click here.


2.  Sales 2.0 – Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, & Las Vegas

Description:  With four separate conferences in four cities, Sales 2.0 has made it easy for anyone to attend. With locations in Philadelphia, Boston, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, Sales 2.0 main focus is on the challenges and concerns of B2B sales and marketing executives. images

Benefits:  Learn how to create a sales process ruled by metrics and measurement, how internal teams can collaborate to promote productivity and enhance the customer experience, ways to leverage technology to empower your team, and much more! Check out testimonials from other sales professionals.

Registration info:  To register, visit the Sales 2.0 Conference site to pick your venue.


3.  National Conference in Sales Management – Miami 


Description:  Located in Miami, Florida, the NCSM conference is a great conference mixed with sales and technical presentations and interactions to make sure all companies are filled with sales management and personal selling knowledge. To learn more about the NCSM, click here.

Benefits: Listen to great research presentations and participate in teaching sessions to help develop, improve or refresh your sales skills. Panel discussions and sessions devoted to bridging the gap between sales practice and research, trips to local businesses of interest, or discussions of sales research topics are just a few of the activities going on throughout the conference.

Registration info:  To register, click here.


4.  World Series of Sales – Washington, DC. images

Description:  This year being located in Washington, DC, this sales conference is one of the most anticipated conference events of the year. World Series of Sales brings together top producers to share ideas and learn new strategies to make the coming year their best ever.

Benefits: Filled with educational sessions and product training, the World Series of Sales always features an incredible lineup of celebrity guests and speakers including Bo Eason, Jason Russell, and Frank Luntz. At this free event, you will be sure to hear from entrepreneurs and business professionals that will leave you filled with new insight.

Registration info:  Free registration! For more information on the conference, visit the World Series of Sales site.

Smart assistant app Donna refreshed for iOS 7, tells you when to leave for your next meeting and notifies attendees if you’re running late – The Next Web

Running late? Don’t know when your next meeting is? Developers of the smart assistant app Donna, released an update to improve and add features. The Donna app assists with your busy schedule and takes care of the little things, so you don’t have to.

Smart assistant app Donna refreshed for iOS 7, tells you when to leave for your next meeting and notifies attendees if you’re running late – The Next Web.

salesjournal-smart assistant

10 Thoughts That Can Super-Motivate You |

Ever find yourself in a rough patch and can’t figure out a way to get out? Motivation is a key factor in accomplishing your goals and ultimately reaching success. Click on the link below to find 10 thoughts that can help you stay motivated.

How do you stay motivated? 

10 Thoughts That Can Super-Motivate You |

motivating thoughts



5 Things Proactive Sales Managers Do Differently – Business 2 Community

Are you a sales manager who would like to find more time to coach your sales team? If so, you may be practicing a reactive approach. Constantly putting out fires and waiting on the next thing to go wrong will leave you with less time to develop your sales team and increase morale. Continue reading to find out 5 concepts that will help you become more proactive as a sales manager and free up time to coach your team.

What tactics do you use to stay proactive as a sales manager?

5 Things Proactive Sales Managers Do Differently – Business 2 Community.


Why Advisory Boards Help the Sales Process

By Ken Thoreson (SalesGravy)

Help for the Blind Spots

At a recent client meeting we discussed the need to create a Board of Directors. It is a difficult task to find the right individuals and more difficult for an entrepreneur to accept what a good board can provide. Another spin is creating a “Client Advisory Board”. This is easier to develop and can actually provide real value to your business as well as your sales process. Both topics are covered below. What are your thoughts? Experiences with these kinds of boards?

Our research shows that accountability — or, more accurately, the lack of accountability — is among the top challenges that partner-company executive’s face. We’ve also found that many partners are too close to their own organizations to have genuine insight into their own businesses, their marketplaces or their industries. Client Advisory Boards and Business Advisory Boards can help provide better visibility for both those blind spots.


[…Continue Reading…]

Uncover Hidden Sales Opportunities

By Ken Valla ( Executive Travel)

3 steps to increasing sales opportunities with your existing accounts.

Expanding your customer base has always been expensive, and it may be even more so today. In an uncertain economic climate, few firms seem ready to take the risk of starting out with new suppliers. Instead, it makes sense to look for new opportunities in accounts where you are already doing business.

The challenge: The comfort-zone trap images

The good news about working with existing customers? You have established relationships, and are already a trusted supplier. But here’s the bad news: Comfortable relationships that bring repeat business can also become traps that keep you from finding out about potential new business. Typically, salespeople develop a small number of contacts in a particular area, and even though they know they should be calling on a broader range of strategic decision makers, breaking out into other areas seems risky. The perception—and the reality—is that most executives see little reason to spend precious time talking with salespeople.

Yet if you don’t engage in such conversations, you’ll miss hidden opportunities that lie outside your usual area and level of influence. As companies continue to exercise tight control over spending, midlevel managers are more restricted in their budget authority than they used to be. This means that higher-level personnel are likely making decisions about priorities and funding. Customers are focusing their funding on a few strategic goals. The real room for growth lies in understanding those targeted areas.

In order to do so, you must overcome your reluctance about developing relationships with strategic decision makers in new areas of your customer’s organization. Start by using a three-step calling strategy to meet with the right people at the right levels across the organization. […Continue Reading…]

The Little-Known Secret Of The Marketing, Sales And Service Chain

By The Brooks Group

Do your salespeople meet or exceed your customer’s expectations? And what happens after a sale is made?  Does your level of service and delivery impress or disappoint your customers?

What creates an unhappy customer?

Let’s consider an example just about anyone can relate to. Have you ever seen (or been) an irate customer in a restaurant?

What are the common complaints that customers have in higher-end restaurants? Things like a steak that is not cooked to order or a server who has no idea what the day’s soups and specials are can really irritate restaurant patrons.

But what happens when the same customers eat at a fast food restaurant? Suddenly the same quality of food and service that was unacceptable at the high-end establishment is totally acceptable in a fast food setting.

The key lies in expectations. The customer doesn’t expect their food to be cooked to order in the fast food restaurant and they don’t expect the cashier to be anything more than an order taker.

The same is true for most any business – unmet expectations create unhappy customers.

So where do customers’ expectations come from?

Most often, customers form their expectations based on the organization’s marketing message.

It’s helpful to think of the customer’s interaction with your organization as a chain. First, they encounter your marketingpromise which quickly translates into an expectation for their sales and service experience with your organization.

If marketing’s role is to attract the right prospects, position a product or organization, promote awareness, and do so in the right places to attract qualified prospects at the right price point, it makes sense that those who are attracted should be treated in a way that is consistent with the marketing promise. That means that the sales and service effort need to be totally in synch with the marketing effort. If not, the results could be disastrous.

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