Sales Wisdom

By Tony Cole (Anthony Cole Training Group)

Have you ever wondered what makes a wise person wise? To be sure, in part it’s that they are smart. But being wise is not just about knowing a lot of stuff. The Hebrew word for wisdom is ‘hokmah’ and it implies knowledge but that’s not all. Hokmah is more accurately translated as a “skill for living.” The word hokmah is used throughout the Old Testament to refer to the skill of the craftsmen, sailors, singers and counselors. These wise men had hokmah, the knowledge and expertise to put their know-how into action.

imagesSo let’s fast forward to you and your role as sales person or sales manager. Are you wise? Do you have the expertise and the practice management discipline to effectively put your know-how into action? Or do you know what you should do (you’re smart), but you may not actually put that knowledge into action? […Continue Reading…]