Career Mojo: 3 tricks to winning a job in this hyper-competitive economy

Dana Manciagli , Contributing Writer (The Business Journals)

Have you played competitive sports? Yes, winning takes a little bit of luck, but it mostly requires skill. images

In this new era of job search, you need to be the best. To win a job today, you can have no unforced errors, you need practice and preparation, and you must be “on your game” at all times.

Most job seekers forget the feeling, the emotion and the discipline required to compete for employment. While there are jobs available in the market today, more people are applying per job than ever before. It’s really competitive out there!

As an ex-nationally-ranked tennis player and 30-year veteran of the job search process, I’ve been there! Here are three things I recommend you do to insure you are ready to win.