Why is Personal Branding Important?

By Brian Cable (Value Networker Blog)


imagesPersonal branding is where you are the focus of your business. It’s where you become the expert, the one who helps others, the friend and business partner. It is the opposite of branding an opportunity.

The most common thing you will see is people promoting opportunities. You know the ones like “just pay $5.00 and in 30 days you will have $100,000″. Even if someone is promoting a good company, most of the other people are doing the same thing. They talk about the company and it’s products. They place little posts with their sign up link on the social media sites and hope that someone will join them. The truth is this rarely leads to sales. 1000′s of people do it this way and most people just ignore these types of posts. To be able to stand out in the crowd as a leader you must get involved with personal branding.

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