The “Likeability Factor” Means a Lot in World of Sales

By Colleen Stanley images

Companies invest thousands of dollars in technology, research and development, and process improvement — all to add to the top and bottom lines. These are all good strategies to win and retain business. But even with these improvements, companies struggle to achieve sales quotas.

Maybe it’s time for companies to install a system to improve their sales team’s likeability quotient. Likeability leads to trust, and trust is the foundation of good relationships. It’s important to remember the common phrase used in the sales profession: “All things being equal, people buy from people they like.”

Think about your own decision-making process. When you’re getting ready to choose between two companies with comparable offerings, which one do you choose? More than likely, you choose the company with likeable people on its team.

A client recently shared a success story during training. He had just landed a new customer, beating out other companies vying for the project. He asked the client what made the client choose his firm. The answer surprised him: “It just felt better around here.” Not the typical answer you might expect, such as, “Your solution was better, I felt your quality was superior.” Nope, likeability won that new client.

So what makes a salesperson likeable? And can you actually teach someone to be more likeable? The answer is “yes.” Make it a goal to study likeable people and duplicate their best practices. Here are three of them.

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