5 Tips for Sales Development

By Ted Gulas (Salesopedia)

imagesTip 1: You will have less likelihood of sales success until you isolate and address those Hidden Weaknesses that will put the brakes on a sale person’s ability to improve.

In order for sales development to be effective you must evaluate a sales person for those weaknesses, which are the opposite of selling strengths. The difference between can sell and will sell will lie in the number and the intensity of these hidden weaknesses. For example the sales development of Jim will always be below expectations because he has a hidden weakness called responsibility. This weakness will manifest itself as excuse making. This manifestation makes it literally impossible to develop this person due to his resistance to anything new being worthy of existence in his world. In his mind sales development will not work and he will tell you a million reasons why it will not work.

Tip 2: Successful Sales Development means knowing the difference between selling strengths and selling skills and being able to develop the sales person successfully from this information.

Selling Strengths the opposite of hidden weaknesses are the most heavily weighted criteria for sales success. Selling Strengths come from a combination of 21 Selling Competencies, which are derived from a certain grouping of selling behaviors.

Strengths are usually internalized and will surface under pressure. Selling Skills are more in alignment with aptitude and under pressure may or may not surface. The value of skills lie in the ability to predict which mixture will make a sales person a Hunter, Closer, Qualifier, Farmer, Account Manager or the opposite Timid, Intellectual or Ambassador. For those interested in sales development be careful not to use an instrument based primarily on aptitude, personality, psychological or behavior results because you only will get a can sell result as opposed to a will sell result.

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