Why Do So Many Potentially Good Sales Managers (85%) Fail? It’s Obvious!

By Jonathan Farrington, The JF Consultancy (Post: Sales 2.0)

I have said it often enough, but it worth repeating – the single most common mistake that organizations make is promoting their number one salesperson into the role of sales manager, thereby depriving themselves in a single stroke of their best producer and hamstringing their sales force with an ineffective manager.

The skills required for managing, mentoring and developing a sales team are totally different from those required for selling.images

Sound obvious? Yep, to me too, so why is not obvious to the 80% of the companies who invest so little time and energy in trying to hire and then develop the right man/woman?

As a result, it’s not uncommon to find newly promoted sales managers who regret having taken a management position and may even leave to get back into sales.

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