Using Your Sales Force to Jump-Start Growth

By Maryanne Hancock, Homayoun Hatami, and Sunil Rayan (Article – McKinsey Quarterly)

There’s no escaping the impact of the sales force on your company’s growth trajectory. imagesThis is the front-line group best placed to gain an intimate understanding of existing customers, to observe the forces at work in an industry, and to identify potential new business. During the past year, we interviewed about 100 sales executives around the world, across a range of industries, to identify the critical elements that distinguish true sales leaders from also-rans. This article highlights four intriguing ideas the executives described for leveraging the sales force to jump-start growth. Together, these suggestions offer practical insights for sales groups, as well as a starting point for discussions among CEOs and other senior managers hoping to get more from sales and marketing investments.

There’s a reason it’s called a sales force. Here are four innovative ways companies can use their sales reps to drive growth.