Sales Leadership: Are You Positioned as a Leader?

By Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter”

It’s been said that to be a successful salesperson, not only do your listening skills have to be great, but your closing skills have to be even better. However, I believe that while these skills are helpful, your sales motivation really finds greater foundation in something else. In my opinion, to be a top-performing sales professional who experiences high-profit selling, you must be a great leader. It is a fundamental character trait.

imagesAlthough we have all known salespeople who have had stellar years based on the luck of a few great clients, those with sustained, long-term success always exhibit great leadership skills.

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5 Best Things to Say in an Interview

By Catherine Conlan (Monster Contributing Writer)


The best things you can say in an interview won’t necessarily get you the job on their own, but they can certainly pave the way.

Keep these five things in mind as you go through the interviewing process to give yourself the best chance at landing the job.



Characteristics of High Performing B2B Sales People

By Sales Effectiveness, Inc.

Top Business to Business Salespeople……images

Exhibit Professionalism

High Performing Business to Business salespeople are effective communicators. They are intelligent, highly motivated and competitive professionals, who are liked by their customers and peers as well as management. They are optimistic in face of adversity. They genuinely love their work, and are steadfast in doing what they say they will do.

Are Competent Problem Solvers

They use creative questioning to provoke critical thinking. They listen intently to customer responses. They confirm needs and help the customer visualize the potential impact and value their solution will have on the organization.

Have a Winning Attitude

High performing salespeople are intensely goal and plan driven. They zero in on opportunities to WIN. They make next steps happen to ensure progress in the sales cycle. They are curious learners who recognize that winning begins first with their own way of thinking and positive outlook.

Understand the Importance of Value

They communicate value by their in-depth understanding of the customer’s business and by their compelling product knowledge. They are strategic orchestrators, recognizing that superior value arises through the integration of all the resources the organization can bear on the customer’s business issues or challenges.

Have Passionate Work Habits

Top salespeople are enthusiastic self-starters with a strong commitment to exceed a customer’s expectations. They are idea generators and innovative change agents whose zeal for accomplishment becomes contagious with the customer and within their own selling teams.

Continuously Focus on the Customer

Highly successful salespeople recognize that the customer drives the relationship. They see things from the customer’s viewpoint in balance with their own organization’s requirements. They are diligent in calculating the financial benefit of the solution they recommend to ensure the customer’s acceptance of the value being offered. They build relationships with a cross section of key players by understanding what drives them and how they make buying decisions. Top performing salespeople help customers succeed both professionally and personally.

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Tips and Tricks for Cold Calling

Guest Post by Vince Gregory. Vince is a retired entrepreneur who volunteers for SCORE. He loves giving young business people the advice they need to succeed.

Cold calling is one of the proven ways to find new customers and increase sales for a business, yet many sales people are intimidated and downright scared of making cold calls to prospects. If you take a look at the methods and reasons behind cold calling, you can develop a confident, businesslike approach to prospective customers that will get you positive results.

One of the factors that intimidates sales staff is that cold calls often lead to rejections. No one likes to hear the word “no.” However, rejection is just part of the business of selling, and often “no” means “not right now” instead of “never.”

Here are some valuable cold calling tips that can help you next time you are looking for new customers.

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Leadership Roles for the New Year

By Anthony Iannarino (

Take charge and get better results from the team this year. You are the Leader!

Give your team credit for the victories. Your team did the work. They did the heavyimages lifting. Take none of the credit, even when it was your idea and even when you worked harder than anyone. The victory belongs to your team.

Take the blame for the mistakes, the missteps, and failures. Your team may have had their share of missteps, failures, and setbacks, but the responsibility is yours. Because you are their leader, you own the mistakes and failures. You take responsibility, and then you lead the team to better results.

Invest as much time and energy as you possibly can in building relationships. If you want to get things done, invest your time in building relationships up and down your organization. Invest in building relationships with your clients and suppliers. You’ll need these relationships in the future, and you want strong relationships before you need strong relationships.

Spend more time in informal meetings than required meetings. You will learn five times as much in informal meetings with the people who work for you than you will in formal meetings with the people for whom you work. If you want to understand where to find the roadblocks, obstacles, and bottlenecks that need your attention, directly meet with the people who don’t report to you directly.

Your real shareholders are your employees and your clients. It is critical that you get things in the right order. The only real way to create shareholder value is to first take care of your employees and your customers. Get this right and the shareholders will have their returns. Get this wrong and they won’t.

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Master the One Skill Every Sales Pro Needs images

In this summary, you will learn:

1) How to identify a sales prospect’s decision-making process; 2) How to align your approach with this process; and 3) How to achieve a strong, positive mind-set.



• Customers make decisions in different ways.
• Identify your prospects’ decision-making style and choose terms that resonate with them.
• Don’t use weak or uncertain language when talking to prospects.
• Anticipate the half-dozen most common objections to your offering and prepare responses you can adapt to meet specific situations.
• Persuade people by fitting your presentation to the way they speak, the way they assimilate information, and the way they prioritize benefits or solutions.
• Doing something unexpected causes a “pattern interrupt” and forces a new perspective.
• A “behavioral contract” is an agreement between the buyer and the seller that determines if they want to work together.
• Evoke emotion by telling stories and asking questions.
• Keep a healthy outlook by learning to handle rejection, boosting your resilience, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and setting goals and priorities.
• Practice “positive self-talk.”

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2014 New Year’s Challenge: Stop Guessing on Sales Forecasts

By , Founder and CEO, PointDrive (Huff Post Blog)

imagesThe New Year means a lot of things to a lot of people — well-intended resolutions, a chance to reflect on the past year, aspirin if you need it. To me, and many other business owners and sales professionals, it also means pulling out the crystal ball and calculator and making annual sales projections. […Continue Reading…]