Belief in Your Product Does Matter! The Real Key to Sales Success…

By Kendra Lee

Recently, someone said something to me that stopped me in my tracks.

“A good salesperson doesn’t have to believe in their products,” this person said. “They just have to believe in themselves.”

Come again? images

So, in other words, salespeople don’t need to be passionate about the products or services they represent in order to be successful? And all of this talk lately about developing an understanding of prospects’ needs and pain points is useless? You’re saying that all it takes to be successful – outside of actually having a decent product to sell, of course – is a healthy dose of confidence and self-assuredness?

Wow. If only sales was that easy.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that sales success is only about having confidence in your ability to sell.

Instead, I believe that truly great salespeople are the ones who spend time helping prospects genuinely understand how a specific product or solution addresses their biggest pains. They radiate trust and confidence, and only make a recommendation when they honestly feel that their offerings can help prospects achieve their goals.

And the only way salespeople can sell like that, in my opinion, is to possess a true belief in the product or service they’re selling. Otherwise, how can you say with certainty and confidence that a solution will truly make a prospect’s business more effective?

Here’s the simple answer: You can’t.

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