Mentoring Sales Reps Through Storytelling

By David Monson, Director of Sales Enablement (Ontuitive)

mapProblem Statement: sales managers are often promoted based on their success as individual contributors (a.k.a. reps).  Consequently, most tend to focus on just the forecast numbers and ignore coaching because they assume their team members already have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful.  However, most don’t and you end up cycling through lots of new reps.

Recommendation: sales executives need to work with their managers to identify specific solutions to specific problems that are blocking deals and find a way to share those throughout the organization quickly and efficiently.  Telling stories is an effective tool.

Who gets promoted into sales management?  Typically, the best sales reps with a proven track record get promoted.  Yet, I know several very successful sales reps that have repeatedly refused offers to move in sales management.  Why not make the move?