The Power of Words in Sales


You are a seller and one of your big sales opportunities has stalled. Is it because of anything you said?


Why?  There is such power in the words you chose to use and those you didn’t use. 



Offering visual descriptions to prospects on how your services will solve their big issues is a great start.

Sales author Anne Miller gives us some examples:

Hit? Smashed? Collided?

Researchers conducted an experiment in which groups of people were shown a picture of an automobile accident. They were asked, “How fast were the cars going when they….?” The choices given for the blank verb were variously “bumped,” “contacted,” “hit,” “collided,” or “smashed.” Groups that were asked the question with the word “smashed,” gave the highest estimates of speed. The difference in the images conjured up by the different verbs led to markedly different reactions.

Here are two examples from business.