4 Successful Sales Performance Training Tips to Increase Sales and Profits

By Erica Ronchetti  (JackDaly.net)

The following sales performance training advice is designed to increase sales and profits,images (1) and serve businesses as a strategic sales plan to win over new accounts, drive sustainable revenue, and improve overall sales performance.

Step #1: Sales Performance Training: New Clients 

Each sales person lists 30 top prospects in order of priority, in the horizontal column to the right, create another column and indicate the status of each sales account, and the sales prospecting activity over the previous 90 days. In a 3rd column, have your sales team to list the top hurdles preventing them from winning over the account, as well as ways to fix these problems. Add a 4th column—the targeted timeline for the sales win, and a 5th with action steps, i.e. who will do what to get the job done.

Step #2: Sales Performance Training: Old Clients

Expanding on Step #1, follow the approach described above for new clients, but apply to existing customers and accounts, looking at other product lines and locations that can be won over with inside referrals to make the most out of your customer base.

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Microsoft to Offer Office for iPad, Maybe a Bit Late

By Nick Wingfield from the NY Times

Finally, Microsoft Office has come to the iPad. You can now access Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint all from your iPad. Keep reading to find out more about this decision and what it means for Microsoft’s future.

Do you think this decision came too late?

Microsoft to Offer Office for iPad, Maybe a Bit Late 

Word to iPad


6 Tips for Creating an Amazing Field Coaching Experience

By Don Oylear from The Center for Sales Strategy

The success or failure of a sales rep is often dependent on sales leadership. One of the best ways to develop a sales rep’s skills is through in-the-field coaching. Keep reading for 6 tips to ensure outstanding field coaching experiences for both the sales manager and the rep.

How often do you coach your sales reps in the field?

6 Tips for Creating an Amazing Field Coaching Experience


Your Prospects Give You Their Time. What Are You Giving in Return?

By Andy Paul from Zero-Time Selling

Are selling and sales activity the same thing? Sometimes too much sales activity can actually hinder the sale. Keep reading to learn more about which techniques work and which don’t.

What do you do when a prospect isn’t moving fast enough?

Your Prospect’s Give You Their Time. What Are You Giving in Return? 


How To Manufacture More Time In Your Day

By Laura Vanderkam from Fast Company

Have you ever tracked how much time you spend on tasks throughout the week? Being able to estimate time well helps us better organize our life. Keep reading for tips on how to better estimate where your times goes and get more things done.

Which area of your life would you like to spend more time on?

How To Manufacture More Time In Your Day 

manufacture more time

5 Secrets to Great Sales Coaching

By Scott Gruher (Sales Benchmark Index)

images (1)

Your Sales Leaders talk to their people on a regular basis. They hold forecasting calls every other week. Pipeline reviews.  One-on-ones. But something’s missing. Why are good sales people leaving?  This post explores how sales coaching can improve retention.

Do You Really Know Why Good People Leave?

Top reps leave for greener pastures more now than ever in the past.  Your competitors and recruiters are on the prowl. Here are some common excuses Sales Managers make when an ‘A’ player leaves:

  • Our comp plan is broken – comp isn’t always the issue.  It is an enabler, but typically not a solution. 3rd party exit interviews rarely list compensation as the reason for leaving.
  • We hired the wrong person – Why…what happened? Was it truly a hiring mistake, or did you not invest in them?
  • Expectations aren’t realistic – if this is the case, why hasn’t everyone left?  Why are you still there?
  • I am too busy to coach – busy doing what?  Nothing is more important than coaching your team to a higher level

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Sell Your Way To Success: Daily Motivation For Becoming a Sales Champion

From The SalesJournal.com Store

By Mark Bowser

images (1)

Do you want to make this year your best year so far? Do you want to reach your full potential? Greater success is yours…if you choose it.

Succeeding takes guts and determination. It also takes a road-map with a steady hand as your guide. Author Mark Bowser is that guide.

Mark Bowser is an Inspirational Author whose stories and success principles will touch your heart and will motivate you to be your very best.

If you are looking to take yourself to the next level, then look no further than Mark Bowser. Your dreams are within your grasp. With his positive attitude and contagious personality, he makes the road to success smooth, exciting, and achievable for you.

Grab this book today…and live greater success tomorrow!

“Apply what you learn in its pages, and you’ll be a better salesperson as a result.”