5 Sales Training Options to Accelerate Your Growth

As you begin your search for the right sales training company, you will find that each company varies in their years of experience, sales challenges for businesses, and their solutions.Examining each of these areas will give you an idea of how different training companies work and how they approach their training. From there, you can narrow down the solution that best matches your company’s specific needs.

With that in mind, here are 5 sales training companies and their unique options to help you jump-start your search for sales success.

the brooks group logoTHE BROOKS GROUP

Experience: The Brooks Group has 30+ years of sales research, knowledge and in-the-field practices. They have customized sales effectiveness initiatives for clients in more than 350 industries.

Sales Challenges for Businesses: Businesses and salespeople often face 3 main challenges when using sales training methods. These challenges are getting the training to stick, getting past traditional stumbling blocks, and going beyond rational needs to emotional wants.

Solution: IMPACT Selling system was honed with over 15 years of research and 3 years of validating. In addition to increasing sales revenue, this system will move beyond basic training to include in-the-field reinforcement, improved communication between sales management and sales professionals, and subtly and effectively address the emotional subtexts and secondary conversations that can make or break a complex sale.

Website: www.brooksgroup.com


customer centric selling logoCUSTOMER CENTRIC SELLING

Experience: Customer Centric Selling has been helping customers worldwide to implement repeatable, auditable and scalable processes since 2002.

Sales Challenges for Businesses: In today’s market, by the time the seller and buyer have their first interaction, the buyer has already researched the product and the competitor’s product. The traditional sales process has been product-centered, resulting in longer sales cycles and often times, lost opportunities.

Solution: Customer Centric Selling is a proven methodology for predictably improving revenue growth and sales performance. This system helps win high-value deals, retain and grow client relationships, and improve predictability and accuracy of sales forecasts. They believe providing a superior customer experience and learning to create an atmosphere that makes customers want to buy, will help combat these challenges and increase sales success.

Website: www.customercentric.com


miller heiman logoMILLER HEIMAN

Experience: Miller Heiman has more than 35 years of experience bringing game-changing insight to sales leaders, coaching techniques to sales managers and practical, repeatable sales training to frontline. They have more than 20,000 client engagements in 35 countries and publications in 22 languages.

Sales Challenges for Businesses: The buying process for prospects today is completely unlike the one they followed five years ago. Buyers are often doing their own online research, initiating contact and leap-frogging over traditional steps in the buying cycle.

Solutions: The Miller Heiman Sales System helps sales organizations build the core strengths in sales techniques and sales management training needed in today’s customer-focused market. They work collaboratively with all levels of the organization and serve as a trusted advisor to sales leaders.

Website: www.millerheiman.com


sandler training logoSANDLER TRAINING

Experience: Sandler Training is a global training organization with over three decades of experience and proven results. They provide sales and management training and consulting services for small- to medium-sized businesses as well as corporate training for Fortune 1000 companies.

Sales Challenges for Businesses: Many business owners and leaders are under the perception that sales training courses don’t work. In addition to business owners being skeptical, salespeople aren’t likely to implement a particular strategy or tactic unless it’s part of a larger behavioral plan.

Solutions: Sandler Training focuses on making a series of changes over time that lead to incremental growth and rely on the power of reinforcement. Sandler’s sales training courses combat sales training skepticism by addressing these 3 areas necessary for success- attitude, behavior and technique. They believe that a successful salesperson or leader needs the support and guidance of a good business coach, and work to provide constant support, guidance and reinforcement that leads to lasting success.

Website: www.sandler.com


value selling assoc logoVALUESELLING ASSOCIATES

Experience: Since 1991, ValueSelling Associates has helped thousands of sales professionals increase their sales productivity. They offer customized training to Fortune 1000, mid-sized and start-up companies.

Sales Challenges for Businesses: It’s difficult to find a sales process that satisfies both complex and individual sales needs.

Solutions: ValueSelling Framework is a sales methodology that works with a company’s existing method or independently. ValueSelling Associates believe unique enterprises require unique solutions. Their sales training process begins by engaging industry leaders in your organization to diagnose your sales issues. From there, a customized program is designed to address the companies problems and they will train the sales force to effectively use the program as a team, before transferring the process and methodology to the sales leaders and managers.

Website: www.valueselling.com

What other factors have you used to determine which sales training option is right for you?