Are Speaking Skills More Valued than Listening?

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What would happen if schools taught classes on effective listening? If good, active listening was taught as a companion skill to speaking and presenting?

Or what if business people and especially sales professionals were recognized for their ability to focus and genuinely listen to others? What if we applauded the listeners instead of the speakers?

Until the value is placed on listening, I suppose people will never really see a need to actively engage by listening with full concentration. I suspect that most people don’t even realize that their listening is sub-par because the practices of multi-tasking and selectively listening are so widespread. As a result, we are all missing out on making true connections.

As a professional seller, you owe it to your buyers to listen to what they are trying to tell you. Dignifying them in this simple way will differentiate you from other sellers and make you more effective in cutting out continuances and advancing the sale to a close. This free chapter from DISCOVER Questions Get You Connected will help you to get started.

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