Don’t Get Down – Get Better! What to do when you’re having a bad day…

By Colleen Francis

We’ve all had ’em. images (1)

Days where everything that could go wrong, somehow does.

Every sales call ends in a “no.” Every meeting goes wrong, and it always seems to be your fault. Even your best clients, closest friends or family members suddenly seem like they’re no longer on your side.

No one can control when a bad day will decide to come along and make our lives miserable. What we can control, is how we choose to respond when it does happen.

Do we make a bad day worse by indulging in negative self-talk? Take out our frustration on everyone around us? Try to make ourselves feel better by chain-smoking, binging on chocolate cake or shopping for a new pair of shoes?

Or do we decide to use these “character building days” as an opportunity to take action, and make a real change in our behaviors that could help us improve our performance, achieve our goals – or simply enjoy life more?  […Continue Reading…]