Leave a Trail of Happy Clients Behind You

By Mike Ames (The Mike Ames Business Development Blog)

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1. Always do what’s best for the client.

Short term gain, long term loss or short term loss and long term gain? Your call of course but personally I always aim for the latter.

If you’re in sales and people have a need it’s not too hard to get them to take your option and if that’s the right thing for them to do well fine but if it isn’t say so and move on.

Only a few days ago I was speaking to somebody who I wanted to come on my Business Growth Programme but when she outlined what else she was doing in her business it was obvious to me that taking on the overhaul and upgrade of her BD capability would have been too much and I told her so. Lost the deal but hopefully gained another layer of trust.

2. Be great at what you do.

An obvious thing to say but not one that always translates easily into reality. Too many of us settle for “getting by” especially when we have all sorts of time/money/people/project pressures dragging us down. Occasionally all of us (definitely me included) succumb to this and do second best work.

A tick-box “that’s done let’s move on to the next” mentality does not create delighted clients. The question to ask is “If I were the client would I be thrilled with what I just did for me?” – if the answer is no you know what to do next.

3. Always make your clients feel good.

Never belittle them, bamboozle them with jargon, say you’ll do something and then don’t, make them feel out of control, overload them with things you can do instead and finally never under any circumstances go back on a verbal promise you made.

I can almost imagine you reading this and shaking your heads in disgust at the very thought that you would do those things. The truth is we all do them from time to time it’s just that we’re usually too busy to notice.

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