Top 4 Questions, 2 Words of Advice about Sales CRM

By Dave Kurlan (Top Sales World)

A company’s executive team can have a positive or negative influence on the performance of the sales team.  Each member of your executive team can impact sales in some small, or not so small way.  Today, I want to talk about Chief Technology Officers, VP’s and Directors of IT.  At first glance, you might not think that IT has much of an impact on sales and you would be correct.  However, they do have a significant role.

SJPLet’s take a stutter step and use Application Engineers as an example.  When AE’s are introduced into the sales process, many of them want to take over. After all, they are the experts, right?  A best case scenario for using an AE is for them to speak when asked to speak, address only those questions asked, make sure that the customer sees that the fit and function will exceed expectations, and return to silence.  It’s not so much that we need to teach AE’s how to sell as much as we want to teach them what their role is in the sales process and how to stay out of the way until their expertise is required.

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Customer Service that Pays Long-Term Dividends

By John Boe (

The only surefire way to keep a customer happy is to consistently go the “extra mile” and exceed his or her service expectations.

How would your customers rate your character traits and the quality of service you provide? SJP

The heart of any company can be found beating inside the walls of its customer service department. Providing superior customer service after the sale is a smart business decision that pays long-term dividends. All the money that companies spend on sales training, marketing research, advertising, and PR initiatives to attract new customers is wasted if they can’t keep their customers satisfied after the sale. Your satisfied customers’ positive “word-of-mouth” endorsements have always been and always will be your company’s greatest asset and most effective marketing program.
The only surefire way to keep a customer happy is to consistently go the “extra mile” and exceed his or her service expectations. Several years ago, I read a fascinating article about a survey that asked people to list the top character traits they expected from a customer service representative, CSR. The survey data clearly identified four key character traits that dominated the feedback list. As you review the list, think about how your customers would rate your character traits and the quality of service you provide.

The Four Cornerstones of Superior Customer Service

Less Painful Prospecting Activities

By Dario Priolo (Richardson Sales Training & Strategy Execution)

Prospecting is one of those activities that you either love or hate. For most people in sales, it’s unavoidable. Those who hate it generally suffer from “prospecting procrastination,” which is when a person will seek out any kind of busy work in an effort to put off and avoid the dreaded task.

Perhaps it is loathed because it rarely (if ever) yields immediate gratification. Others can’t handle the hang-ups and rejection. Whatever the reason, sales reps must realize the importance of prospecting to building and sustaining a pipeline that will pay off down the road — depending on your sales cycle length. SJP

Whether you’re gung-ho or reluctant, when you dedicate time to prospecting, you want to choose prospecting activities that will give you the greatest payoff. The best way to start is to view the world from your prospect’s perspective. Put yourself in their shoes to see just how likely you would be to respond to your own inquiry.

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3 Early Warning Signs When Hiring Sales Reps

3 early warning signsWhen recruiting sales reps, the best time to start the evaluation process is from the very first interaction with the candidate. A candidate’s responsiveness, professionalism, and respectfulness are all characteristics that can be judged well before the actual interview. These three key intangible characteristics will help indicate whether a sales rep will be successful in the future or not. A candidate that possesses all three characteristics is not guaranteed success, however, not having even one of these items should rule out the candidate for sure.

How to Manage Your Inbox to Find More Business Opportunities

By Eric V. Holtzclaw (

When it comes to finding new customers, chances are, they might be waiting for you in your inbox. Keep reading to learn how managing your inbox and responding to certain emails may help you land new business.

How to Manage Your Inbox to Find More Business Opportunities

bad email

Developing The Ideal Sales Management Process

By Will Brooks of The Brooks Group

Creating a great sales management process doesn’t happen by chance. A consistent process must be in place company wide and monitored for effectiveness. Keep reading to learn the 8 components of a successful sales management process.

Developing The Ideal Sales Management Process

Sales management process