How to Turn ‘B’ Players into Top Sales Performers

By John Kenney (SalesBenchmark Index)

Sales people are difficult to retain. Good salespeople are hard to find. The demand for experienced top-tier salespeople is extremely high. This is a constant challenge for sales leaders and their HR business partners.


One very powerful solution is to make the most of your ‘B’ players. This post will help you answer “What do we need to do to cultivate top sales talent?” The free downloadable tool ‘B’ Player to Top Performer Guide will get you started.

‘B’ Players are a Paradox

‘B’ players require little maintenance. They are steady contributors. Most important, they are loyal and are less likely to become a turnover statistic. Some could be ‘A’ players but have opted not to, often for lifestyle reasons. Others lack the drive required to become superstars, but they reliably get the job done. […Continue Reading…]