3 Early Warning Signs When Hiring Sales Reps

3 early warning signsWhen recruiting sales reps, the best time to start the evaluation process is from the very first interaction with the candidate. A candidate’s responsiveness, professionalism, and respectfulness are all characteristics that can be judged well before the actual interview. These three key intangible characteristics will help indicate whether a sales rep will be successful in the future or not. A candidate that possesses all three characteristics is not guaranteed success, however, not having even one of these items should rule out the candidate for sure.

1. Responsive

A good measure of a sales rep’s future performance can be seen through their response time to emails and phone calls. Are they responding back in one day, two days, a week?  If the candidate responds in a timely manner, then it’s a good indication they will be responsive in the future. Conversely, if a candidate disappears during this process and you have to pull them back in time and time again, then it’s a good indicator that they will be hard to manage in the future.

2. Professional

Professionalism in business is a must and determining if a candidate is professional early on will help prevent mishaps in the future. Pay attention to phone calls and emails. How are they addressing you? Does the email include any spelling errors? Although these may seem like forgivable mistakes, if the candidate is making them now, they will most likely keep occurring if the candidate is hired.

3. Respectful

Oftentimes the first person the candidate speaks to isn’t the person making the final hiring decision, but it’s still important that the candidate is respectful during these initial interactions. Is the candidate respecting everyone in the process or are they shoving people to the side? If the candidate is respectful to every person in the hiring process, from the Admin to the CEO, then there’s a good chance they will be respectful in the future.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and how they behave in the present. It’s a tough skill to be able to look at these initial behaviors and pull potential candidates from the process, but it’s a decision that needs to be done. If a candidate is not possessing these characteristics in the hiring process, they won’t start possessing them once they’re hired.

What are key intangible indicators that you and your team look at to determine if a sales rep is good or not?