Top 4 Questions, 2 Words of Advice about Sales CRM

By Dave Kurlan (Top Sales World)

A company’s executive team can have a positive or negative influence on the performance of the sales team.  Each member of your executive team can impact sales in some small, or not so small way.  Today, I want to talk about Chief Technology Officers, VP’s and Directors of IT.  At first glance, you might not think that IT has much of an impact on sales and you would be correct.  However, they do have a significant role.

SJPLet’s take a stutter step and use Application Engineers as an example.  When AE’s are introduced into the sales process, many of them want to take over. After all, they are the experts, right?  A best case scenario for using an AE is for them to speak when asked to speak, address only those questions asked, make sure that the customer sees that the fit and function will exceed expectations, and return to silence.  It’s not so much that we need to teach AE’s how to sell as much as we want to teach them what their role is in the sales process and how to stay out of the way until their expertise is required.

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One thought on “Top 4 Questions, 2 Words of Advice about Sales CRM”

  1. Interesting post, but I certainly think putting only salespeople in charge of CRM selection is a mistake driven by the sales-centric begins of CRM software.

    As a minimum, all customer facing departments should be involved in the decision process and a cost calculation should be performed with the help of senior IT staff – in many cases cloud based CRM may not be the most cost effective option.

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    Mike Richardson
    Maximizer CRM

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