To Be Happy, Avoid the Comparing Mind

By Jim McCarthy from Jim McCarthy Leadership

Comparing yourself to others may be helpful in certain situations, but the majority of the time, it will have you feeling worse about yourself and becomes wasted energy. Instead, learn 5 ways to change your mindset and increase your happiness.

How does comparing yourself to other people make you feel? Motivated or discouraged?

To Be Happy, Avoid the Comparing Mind

Avoid the companing mind

Build Relationships to Earn Sales

By  (Business 2 Community)

Would you rather purchase from a serious, black-and-white-type salesperson, or one who is easy to talk with and who might also become a good friend?

While that might sound like a dumb question, too many business and salespeople are images (1)afraid to go out of narrowly defined boundaries. They ignore references to personal events such as upcoming family gatherings or tickets to a show.

As a business professional, make it a part of your business development process to get to know your prospective client on a personal level, too. While in conversation, and hearing of a situation non-related to business proper, that event is most likely foremost on their mind. Treat the conversation as confidential. Pose inquiring questions to learn more and respond appropriately. Doing so serves to build the relationship. […Continue Reading…]


Strategic Sales Plan, The Key Components

By Michael C. Carter (Sales Management Workshop Blog)

You have to have a good strategic sales plan to get anywhere.

images (1)

Success in sales management starts with planning. As a leader, you want to develop a plan that provides your sales team with the strategy and tactics to lead them to success. I recommend following these five key components to developing a successful sales plan.

[…Continue Reading…]

Tools for Closing the Sale


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