Move from What and How to Why

By (People First Productivity Solutions)

Any seller who lasts longer than a day in the job can explain what their product does. SJP

Any seller who makes it through a few commission checks can explain (or bring in experts to explain) how their product works. They may even be able to explain how their product works better than the competitors’. A lot of sellers stop there. A lot of buyers don’t buy because sellers over-rely on what and how to make the sale.

This is why buyers are beginning to see sellers as unnecessary. Your marketing department, your company’s website, consumer reviews and industry publications already do the job of explaining what your product is and how it works. No one really needs you to do that work.

But there is something different you can and should do. It’s something no one else can do, and it will dramatically improve your sales effectiveness. What’s more, buyers are clamoring for this and appreciate it more than any other sales-related activity.

You can explain why.

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