Stop Using Crutch Words and Watch Your Sales Increase

SJPBy Cliff Rice (C. Rice Global)

Whether they realize it or not, everyone has certain words and phrases that they use more frequently than other people. While this subject may be little more than fun trivia for many people, for sales professionals it’s something that needs to be carefully analyzed. Being fully aware of the type of language you use on a daily basis can help you identify weaknesses and find solutions to make all your communication have even more of an impact.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a topic that’s limited to verbal conversations. As more communication moves to the digital world, it’s crucial to understand how to connect to people without overburdening them. For example, plenty of sales professionals have adopted a personal rule of limiting their email correspondence to between three and five sentences. This ensures that when someone receives their email, they’re not put off by its length. Additionally, it forces them to really think about every word that they include.

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