Closing the Sale – Timing is Crucial


By Jacques Werth (High Probability® Selling)SJP

Waiting until the end of the sales process before closing a sale is akin to waiting until the last ten minutes of a flight to Venus before making course corrections. In both cases, there is a very low probability of success.

It is of little value to wait until after presenting your product or service to begin applying “closing techniques”. You must create a sound foundation for the sale throughout the sales process. Without that foundation, salespeople feel pressured and trigger prospects’ natural resistance: The probable outcome is lost opportunities and lack of sales.

Top salespeople, the Top 1%, close at the beginning of the sale, and many times throughout the sales process:

•They spend most of their time with people able, willing, and ready to buy – these are High Probability Prospects.

•They only do business with prospects they respect, and who, in turn, respect them: These are genuine business relationships, with both parties mutually agreeing to move forward each step of the sales process.

•This Mutual Respect results in Total Disclosure of the prospect’s needs, wants and buying intentions- as well as Total Disclosure of the product’s/service’s benefits and limitations.

•Mutual Agreements and Mutual Commitments happen early, and often, throughout the sales process.

•These mutual agreements lead to Closed Sales: the ‘Closing’ is the sum total of the entire series of agreements. Closing must begin at the initial stages of the sales process.

During the sales process, almost any point of discussion provides an opportunity for a commitment. It’s as simple as asking…[…Continue Reading…]